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Swaroop C H

  • Why read open source code? Because accomplished coders did that, practice makes perfect, and it can lead to new opportunities. […]
  • Back to IC Two and a half years ago, I wrote about Engineering Management : Lessons learned in first year. It’s been more than a year since I have been back to an Individual Contributor (IC) role. So I […]
  • ML model monitoring May 20, 2021 Kornel and I wrote about our team’s work on “Maintaining Machine Learning Model Accuracy Through Monitoring” on the DoorDash Engineering blog: Jul 23, 2021 I presented at Fifth […]
  • Interviewed by Managers Club The interview is posted at https://www.managersclub.com/interview-with-swaroop-c-h-engineering-manager-at-helpshift/ → I talk about my biggest challenges, approach to hiring, advice for new […]
  • Interviewed by dev-to-manager The interview is at https://devtomanager.com/interviews/swaroop-c-h/ I talk about my recent transition from developer to manager in this written interview. An excerpt: What do you tell […]

India Uncut Blog


My Diverse Kitchen (Vegetarian)

  • Chinese Stuffed Steamed Buns I like steamed buns and have made them a few times before. Way back in 2009, the Bread Baking Babes a.ka. BBBs made Steamed Flower Buns. Then in 2018, we made Steamed Bao Buns. India has its own […]
  • Blender Cake & Tecnora Revvolution LSP 750 Before I get to the connection between a Blender Cake & Tecnora Revvolution LSP 750, let me ask you something. Can you think of a South Indian kitchen without a mixer-grinder? Think Idli, Dosa, […]
  • Eggplant or Brinjal Pickle I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned break but I’m back again, with a pickle recipe this time.  remember disliking quite a few kinds of vegetables as a child. Eggplant, or Brinjal as it is […]
  • Same Day Baguette I have baked a lot of bread but I wasn’t very successful with the Baguette for a long time. That was till I discovered the easier Same Day Baguette recipe. Some you might be wondering what a […]
  • Pan de Cristal This month it was Kelly’s turn to pick a bread for us Bread Baking Babes and she chose the Pan de Cristal. A traditional loaf from the Catalan region of Spain, this bread is also called Glass Bread […]

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