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  • How to recognize, respect, and love your inner demons This is the first time I’ve posted here in a while. Virtually all of my energy is going into supporting Wildmind’s community of supporters — people who make a financial contribution […]
  • New Year aspirations (rather than resolutions) When I was younger I used to think that New Year’s Day resolutions would almost automatically bring about change. It was as if thinking that you wanted to change was enough to make it actually […]
  • My latest book: “A Year of Buddha’s Wisdom” Over the summer I wrote a book. The idea was presented to me by the publisher, who had decided that they needed a daily practice guide based on Buddhist teachings, and they wanted me essentially to […]
  • The strange myopia of Buddhist teachings on suffering I wanted to draw attention to a strange myopia that affects many people who comment on the Buddha’s teachings about suffering. In the four noble truths, the first truth is that of suffering […]
  • “This is where peace is found” Anyone who has meditated knows that over and over again we turn the mind toward the sensations of the breathing, to building kindness, or to some other object of meditation, and over and over again […]

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