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Cookie and Kate

  • What to Cook This June Why is this year is going by so quickly? Watching our baby grow bigger makes me acutely aware of the days going by, though the months are… The post What to Cook This June appeared first on Cookie […]
  • 50+ Fresh Memorial Day Recipes We’ve almost made it to the weekend! Here are 50+ fresh, healthy and delicious recipes to commemorate Memorial Day. I’ve organized them by breakfast and brunch, appetizers… The post 50+ […]
  • What to Cook This May May is here! The trees are greener by the day and I’m thriving on the abundant sunshine. Baby Grace is happy, wiggly, and giggly. She’s an enthusiastic… The post What to Cook This May […]
  • Perfect Roasted Butternut Squash Want to know something cool about roasted butternut squash? You don’t have to peel it before roasting. That’s right. You do not have to suffer through peeling… The post Perfect Roasted […]
  • Easy Honey Butter Do you have room for some honey butter on your holiday table? Let’s make some! Honey butter is creamy and utterly irresistible. It’s sweet and a little… The post Easy Honey Butter […]

Naturally Ella

  • Roasted Sweet Potato Sorghum Salad This post is in partnership with Bob’s Red Mill. It’s the time of year when I like slightly warm salads. Roasted vegetables tossed in my favorite greens with a tangy dressing; it’s hard to go […]
  • Vegan Barley Risotto with Squash and Chermoula This post is in partnership with Bob’s Red Mill. Risotto is a go-to recipe on this site and in my kitchen. Something is comforting about a big dish of creamy grains loaded with vegetables on top. […]
  • Carrot Barley Stew with Kale Sauce This post is in partnership with Bob’s Red Mill. Most of my broth-based soups have two parts: the soup base and a flavor stir-in. I’ve been making this kale sauce off and on and decided it […]
  • Farro e Ceci This post is in partnership with Bob’s Red Mill. Since March, pasta has become increasingly harder to source at some of the local grocery stores. This has led to an increase in making pasta in […]
  • Delicata Squash Pasta with Egg and Goat Cheese Post in partnership with Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs When the temperature drops below 90 degrees here in the valley, I call that the start of fall. This creamy delicata squash pasta is my […]

Green Kitchen Stories

  • Soba Salad with Miso and Ginger Aubergine + Broccoli Here is a great weeknight dinner that comes together on the stove in just under 20 minutes. Soft, sticky and flavor-packed aubergine meets crunchy broccoli and earthy noodles. Heaven in a bowl. […]
  • Winter Holiday Saffron & Millet Salad This saffron and cinnamon studded grain salad with roasted roots, herbs, pomegranates and nuts is perfect for the holidays + Christmas Recipe Roundup! […]
  • Aran’s Double Chocolate & Buckwheat Cookies These cookies from Aran Goyoaga new cookbook are naturally gluten-free with a delicious hint of fennel. We also made them vegan. Try the cookies and read our conversation with Aran. […]
  • Sweet Potato Shakshuka This is an untraditional but delicious take on Shakshuka with a sweet potato base and crunchy roasted sweet potato skin on top. The recipe is from the new book Shelf Love from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen. […]
  • Vegan Oyster Mushroom Caesar Salad The star of this Vegan Caesar Salad is the oyster mushrooms that we sear using a special pressing method that makes it umami-rich and crunchy on the outside while juicy and flavor-packed inside. […]



The First Mess

  • Creamy Mustard Slaw This vegan and mayo-free creamy mustard slaw is crunchy and flavourful with two types of mustard, celery seed, fresh dill, and sweet onion. The post Creamy Mustard Slaw appeared first on The First […]
  • Vegan Chickpea Umami Burgers from “Good for Your Gut” These vegan chickpea umami burgers are super flavourful with sun dried tomatoes, lemon zest & spices. They come together in about 30 minutes The post Vegan Chickpea Umami Burgers from […]
  • Grilled Cabbage and Fennel with Maple Mustard Cream This grilled cabbage and fennel with vegan maple mustard cream is a feel-good veggie side dish that's naturally gluten-free and so flavourful. The post Grilled Cabbage and Fennel with Maple Mustard […]
  • 30 Minute Broccoli Basil Pasta This 30 minute broccoli basil pasta is naturally vegan, easily made gluten-free, delicious, and it happily comes together with 10 main ingredients. The post 30 Minute Broccoli Basil Pasta appeared […]
  • Pickle Panzanella Salad This pickle panzanella salad is a fun and delicious twist on classic Italian bread salad. Ready in 30 minutes and loaded with fresh vegetables The post Pickle Panzanella Salad appeared first on The […]

Happy Yolks

  • Herb-y Shortbread Clouds, Three Ways Shortbread Clouds, Three Ways Adapted from Gourmet  4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 Tsp salt 1/2 Tsp baking powder 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, minced 1 Tbsp fresh lavender buds, minced 1 Tbsp fresh […]
  • Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce I have a piece in the new issue of Darling Magazine this month. I was asked to write a rosy-cheeked take on family dinners––their evolution from youth to adulthood, tradition, nostalgia, how the […]
  • Celery Root Salad with Apple, Caraway + Horseradish           Raw Celery Root with Apple, Caraway, and Horseradish Adapted slightly from the forthcoming release of The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook and the fine folks at America’s Test […]
  • Winter Vegetable + Gorgonzola Galette Dropping in briefly today to wish you and yours joy and respite in the last few weeks of the year. December, man. So much goodness, so much heaviness, all at once. For me it’s always been a month […]
  • Because, Cheer I’m feeling the holidays this year. Not in the red and silver tchotchke sense, but for the cheer. The lightness of being. The thoughtfulness that seems on the slight uptick, even in errands and […]

My Diverse Kitchen

  • Blender Cake & Tecnora Revvolution LSP 750 Before I get to the connection between a Blender Cake & Tecnora Revvolution LSP 750, let me ask you something. Can you think of a South Indian kitchen without a mixer-grinder? Think Idli, Dosa, […]
  • Eggplant or Brinjal Pickle I’ve been on a bit of an unplanned break but I’m back again, with a pickle recipe this time.  remember disliking quite a few kinds of vegetables as a child. Eggplant, or Brinjal as it is […]
  • Same Day Baguette I have baked a lot of bread but I wasn’t very successful with the Baguette for a long time. That was till I discovered the easier Same Day Baguette recipe. Some you might be wondering what a […]
  • Pan de Cristal This month it was Kelly’s turn to pick a bread for us Bread Baking Babes and she chose the Pan de Cristal. A traditional loaf from the Catalan region of Spain, this bread is also called Glass Bread […]
  • Karadaiyan Nonbu Adai Tamil Brahmin households, including Iyers in Kerala, celebrate Karadaiyan Nonbu  or Savitri Nonbu this month. This traditional festival is celebrated when the Tamil month of “Maasi” gives way to […]

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Oh She Glows

Simple Vegan Blog

  • Vegan Meatloaf Vegan meatloaf, super flavorful and moist. Made with easy-to-find ingredients, it’s a delicious plant-based version of a classic recipe. Here’s another plant-based recipe, perfect for a vegan […]
  • Vegan Pumpkin Cookies Vegan pumpkin cookies, so soft and chewy. Ready in just 30 minutes, they’re so absolutely delicious you won’t get over them. Truly the best! You’ve just come across the best vegan […]
  • Spicy Tofu Spicy tofu, a Korean-style flavorful dish. It is so delicious and easily made with 5 ingredients. I love to serve it with rice and veggies. I absolutely love Korean cuisine. It is so rich and deep in […]
  • Vegan Peach Cobbler Vegan peach cobbler, decadent, sweet, and the absolute best summer dessert. It is perfect to take to any party you might be attending! When I tell you this vegan peach cobbler is the best summer […]
  • Vegan Naan Vegan naan, absolutely delicious and ready with only 7 ingredients. A wonderful side dish to plenty of vegan Indian main courses! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with vegan naan. Oh my – it is […]

  • Mexican Inspired Street Corn Salad Recipe + Photo by Katelyn Chisholm Tangy, sweet, super flavorful! I love this recipe as a great side dish, appetizer, party snack,... The post Mexican Inspired Street Corn Salad appeared first on […]
  • V72x2 2022 – 144 hours of Vegan Food in Richmond Virginia January 25th to 30th V72x2 2022 – 144 hours of Vegan Food in Richmond Virginia – because 72 hours is not enough!! for list of... The post V72x2 2022 – 144 hours of Vegan Food in Richmond […]
  • Easy and Delicious Lentil Tacos Easy and Delicious Lentil Tacos as seen on CBS6 Virginia This Morning by Executive Director Krissi Vandenberg The post Easy and Delicious Lentil Tacos appeared first on Vegan Action. […]
  • Easy Tempeh Salad Recipe + Photo by Krissi Vandenberg Salads are always an easy meal to make regardless of the season. While we used Lightlife... The post Easy Tempeh Salad appeared first on Vegan Action. […]
  • Five Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet By Dr. Don Grant There are lots of reasons why people go vegan, with many choosing to adopt a plant-based diet for... The post Five Health Benefits of A Vegan Diet appeared first on Vegan Action. […]


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